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Anonymous said: What does your URL mean?

It’s one giant slip knot reference the gray part is in honor of Paul Gray may he rest in peace. Surfacing was my favorite song at the time so that is where it derived from.

Anonymous said: How many followers do you have?


The closeness is gone and maybe we are better of without each other. I should clean up my but I don’t want to. Lets huff some paint

Fuck Long Island I’m runnin down south

Anonymous said: How tall are you?

Like 5 foot 5 

Anonymous said: For the fat girls, how big would you go (you know they the freaky ones)

Fat girls scare me with all honesty and fat people im not trying to be that guy but its not good how fat everyone is getting and i blame it on the increasing sedentary life style of today. It also doesn’t help people glorify being fat we really need to contemplate where we are going as a people.

Anonymous said: How old are you?


Anonymous said: Yo would you ever date a fat chick?

Depends how fat 

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